About Us

Liverpool F.C. is the most successful English football club in history. We have the best fans that travel across the globe to watch the team compete in a variety of different competitions. The fans were the first fans to chant at matches, and in February 2005 eclipsed the Denver Broncos' fans as being the loudest fans in the world. Simply put, we're the best team to cheer for and our fans put a legendary twelfth player on the pitch.

In July 2004, Ian Edgar and Jared Gorai travelled to Toronto to see the Reds play in a friendly match vs FC Porto. There they met up with the Toronto Supporters Club and wondered whether they could do the same in Calgary. It wasn't until December that along with Ian Kirby the three fans launched the Calgary Branch of the Liverpool F.C. Supporters Club. They started recruiting new members, contacted the club itself just as the "Legends of Soccer" arrived at the Saddledome to compete in the Masters Tournament in January 2005.

Having the Liverpool Legends in town lead to Anfield legend Phil Neal joining us to watch the 2nd leg of the Carling Cup Semi-final vs Watford. From there, the club has blossomed as we cheered them on to a Carling Cup defeat but to bigger and better things as we saw them progress to Istanbul and lift their fifth European Cup.

Peanuts Pub helped us get started as our first official venue but for a number of reasons we switched to On the Rocks in 2008. Sometime in 2010 we briefly had a satellite location at The Fiddler's Courtyard but in the AGM of 2011 we chose to have only one location and moved to The Winkin' Owl. Unfortunately The Winkin' Owl didn't want to continue opening early for us and thus in July of 2014 the members chose to relocate to The Cat 'n Fiddle on 16th Avenue where we've been ever since.

Although our branch started in 2005, we weren't officially recognized by the club until 2006 and now have access to home match tickets and a number of our members have gone over to Liverpool to watch some great matches. We've travelled across North America to see them during the 2012 tour and some of us can be seen in the stands in the video Being Liverpool.

2022/23 Executive Board

Meggan Tuck - Chairperson
Tony Aldridge - President
Ross Philips - Treasurer
Mark Jones - Secretary