Liverpool Football Club has the greatest fans in the world. We were the first to sing at matches and we're known to travel the world to watch our beloved Reds play. Calgary is home to many Liverpool fans and its time to get together and cheer our team to victory. We're only just getting started. We're a non-profit organization and we rely on supporter's and volunteers like you.


For $20 you'll get to meet and interact with fellow Liverpool Supporters. We get together for every televised match (including the really early kick-offs!) and try to get together socially a couple of times a season. We cheer them on to victory, and console each other should they lose.

The Calgary Branch is a part of the Association of International Branches. Twice a year we're given the chance to apply for match tickets. Should you decide to visit Anfield, we may be able to secure you tickets given enough notice.

Other Things You Should Know

We have our branch website where you'll be informed of all things Red including when we'll be getting together next. We also publish a periodic newsletter where we'll let you know about upcoming matches and club events. To receive our newsletters, click here. Liverpool Camaraderie is legendary, and you'll soon experience it with the Calgary Branch of Liverpool FC's Supporters' Club. Your membership is good for the entire season, from August 1st through to July 31.


The Calgary Branch does not share any of your personal information without your consent. We are required to share your information with Liverpool Football Club which also adheres to the same policy. Certain members have requested that we make available their contact information to other Calgary Branch members. This is done within the members' area of our website.

Code of Conduct

While Calgary Branch members bring diverse opinions on all aspects related to the business of the Calgary Branch, we are committed to respecting each other and reaching a consensus on all matters. We are determined to act justly, and are bound by our By-Laws, to deliver outcomes that are in the best interests of everyone associated with the Calgary Branch and with Liverpool Football Club.
  • All Calgary Branch members are part of LFC's Official LFC Supporters Club Branch Network and, therefore, must uphold the values and good name of LFC.
  • Calgary Branch members are expected to be exemplary representatives of LFC and as such are asked to follow this Code of Conduct.
  • All members shall treat fellow LFC supporters as well as supporters of other football clubs with courtesy and respect.
  • No supporters shall threaten another football fan or sing offending chants toward other supporters.
  • No member shall degrade or commit an act of violence on any other person while attending matches at Anfield, away matches or any Calgary Branch event.
Any violation of the Code of Conduct by a Calgary Branch member could result in the expulsion from the Calgary Branch

Sign Up Here!

Join the Calgary Branch today and get introduced to the world of Calgary Reds today! For $20 you get:
  • Get togethers with other members for all televised matches
  • A personalized membership card
  • A club that is part of the Association of International Branches
  • Access to tickets at Anfield
  • Various club events throughout the year

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