Tony Aldridge

2 - 1

Well that was hard bloody work. The old sphincter was getting a hell of work out I can tell you. We played a damn sight better game last time we played them, but different result. In fact I thought we were shockingly bad. And the man to get the largest portion of my vitriol was Emre Can. Christ he was absolute shit. Couldn’t complete a pass to save his life, and made damn sure he got out of the way of the cross for Burnley’s first goal. I couldn’t believe that that bellend on ESPN gave Can the man of the match award, and I’m reading plenty of other web sites doing the same. Gob smacked. A forward can get away with doing sod all, all game but scoring a goal, a midfielder can’t. I was screaming at the telly to get Can off the pitch then he scores. Alas he wasn’t the only one, Coutinho and Lallana both disappeared. But I must admit Minge-olet was much improved, came out for a couple of crosses with grit and determination, even taking a foul on one. Bout bloody time. Overall, Liverpool’s two main priorities simply have to be a quality centre-back and at least one top-class forward. Goalkeeper, central midfield and left-back are also areas in clear need of improvement.

Bellend of the Match. Emre Can, probably the worst performance I’ve seen. Honourable Mention: Origi, Lallana, Milner, Coutinho pick one.
Man of the Match: Georgie Wijnaldum, thought he was great today and got himself a well-deserved goal.